New, Used and Refurbished Desktop Computers

New, Used and Refurbished Desktop Computers and Servers

Compared to laptops and notebooks, desktop computers are more powerful, can be easily customized, and easily upgraded. Thanks to their larger bodies and more efficient airflow capabilities, desktop computers don’t get as hot as laptops and notebooks. This is a big deal since overheating is one of the main issues that faces today’s superfast computers. What’s more, desktop computers will normally outperform similarly equipped laptops and notebooks and even cost less. With a separate keyboard and mouse, most people find desktop computers easier to operate as well. Larger screens make them much easier to work on as well. These things, combined with the attractive appearance and multi-functionality of most desktops, has made them a consumer favorite! While it may be true that the desktop isn’t portable it makes up for it in performance and cost of ownership.
Used and Refurbished Desktop Computers
Quinox solution’s used and refurbished desktop computers are fully tested by our service department and certified to be in good working order. We insure that a clean copy of Windows or OS X is installed and ready to go. Additionally every Used and Refurbished desktop computer comes with a Quinox warranty. We stand behind what we sell.
New Desktop Computers
Quinox solutions has been retailing computers since (add year here). From standard office workstations to home based business computers to high end gaming rigs, we can supply the perfect computer for your needs. All Quinox supplied computers come with our lifetime labor warranty. We stand behind what we sell. Stop by today and take a test drive on one of our many new, used and refurbished computers on display in our showroom.

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Quinox, with over 8 years of IT proficiency, has successfully supplied some of the largest computers in both private and Corporate sector, in a budget-friendly manner.